Blackmarsh: Now for Warlock

Well, I've had a week to re-write Rob Conley's Blackmarsh for use with the setting implied by the Warlock rules. The primary changes are that most references to elven rulers and the Blackmarsh Rangers now refer to the Church (i.e., The Temple of the Eternal Flame), while mentions of viz as a magical substance were eliminated entirely. I decided to leave the references to Thoth in place, treating him as a false god of a past age, only worshiped by those poor souls who have yet to be redeemed by the Church. There are also a few minor changes to creature and character stats to better reflect rules of the Warlock system, although these are easily to overlook for the most part, should you wish to use the revised setting with another system.

The resulting setting is somewhat reminiscent of a fantasy Crusader state, with the Church being the last line of defense against the forces of Chaos (e.g., barbarians, demons, undead, etc) in the region. I think it's a little bit different than your typical medieval fantasy setting by virtue of focusing on a monotheistic religion, rather than on a wide and varied pantheon of gods and churches. Indeed, in my head, the Church was modeled heavily on the Roman Catholic Church of our own Earth, specifically as it existed during the Crusades.

As I mentioned previously, I planned to drop this revised Blackmarsh onto the continent of Aurianne in TSR UK's Pelinore setting. After some thought, given the specific geography of Blackmarsh, the most proper place to locate the region on the continent of Aurianne appears to be the eastern coast, about midway down the coastline.

You can download Rob Conley's original Blackmarsh by following the link earlier in this post and you can download my revision for use with Warlock by clicking right here.

[Edit: After a few months away from the keyboard, I've gone back and looked at my Blackmarsh revision with a fresh set of eyes. A few more minor changes have been made, in keeping with the implied setting of Warlock.]


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