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The Blackmarsh Introductory Handout

Finally, after months of twiddling my thumbs, I've finally cranked out the Blackmarsh Introductory Handout. It's for my revision of Blackmarsh, mind you and, as such, it's a pretty far cry from the setting conveyed in Rob Conley's original Blackmarsh. I've taken some obvious influence from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, as well as the implied setting of the Warlock rules.

My goal was to keep the introductory document under two pages in length, yet touch on the major facets of the setting. I'd like to think that I accomplished these goals, but I know that I don't live in a vacuum - so, by all means, download it (at the first link in this post) and let me know how you think I did!

After a long delay. . .

I am back! Look for the Blackmarsh Player's Handout in the next few days - I have the writing done and it's in layout now. It will be a brief, two-page, handout that introduces players to the basics of my revised Blackmarsh without revealing all of the setting's secrets (similar to the old Harnworld Introduction from Columbia Games).

Also, since I last posted, I've been gifted with a copy of Stonehell, which rocks something serious. I'm definitely going to be incorporating this into my vision of Blackmarsh (and it won't take much work, as the big secret of the dungeon fits almost seamlessly into the assumptions of Warlock regarding religion).