In the meantime....

While I toil away on new aids for my planned Warlock campaign, I'm digging into other old-school and OSR products, both for inspiration and so I have something ready to play in the event that my Warlock campaign doesn't get off the ground for a while.

Right now I'm awaiting the arrival of Kabuki Kaiser's Ruins of the Undercity (which I can play by myself, if I get really desperate for fun), Blacky the Blackball's Darker Dungeons, and Gavin Norman's Theorems & Thaumaturgy (which I plan to use with Darker Dungeons).

In a more new-school vein, I also have a copy of Graham Walmsley's Stealing Cthulhu on order because, well, it's hard to go wrong with Cthulhu. Also, I'm always looking for good advice on how to punch up a Mythos game, so it isn't just the same old rinse and repeat nonsense.

As these products arrive and I get to digest them, I'll let you know what kind of impression they leave upon me. Not real reviews as it were (I'm out of that game), but short-ish blog posts highlighting the good and bad, as well as who I think would be best served by the products.

Note that all of the above products are also available in PDF, commercially or otherwise, but I'm linking to the products as I ordered them (although, I apparently got a free PDF of Stealing Cthulhu for ordering the hardback, so there is that).


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