Usherwood's Complete Bone Hilt Sword Campaign....

....will soon be mine! If UPS delivers on schedule, I should have my full color softcover copy of Usherwood Publishing's Complete Bone Hilt Sword Campaign by this time tomorrow! I'm pretty jazzed about this. The PDF is gorgeous and the campaign hits what tends to be the "sweet spot" for older editions of D&D, in my experience (low to mid levels). I look forward to running it (and probably reviewing it).

[Edit: Oooooo. It has come to light that shipping is a UPS/USPS collaboration. And, as usual, the USPS has managed to screw me. Hopefully my package will become un-lost and show up tomorrow.]

[Re-Edit: It has, in fact, arrived. I have not had time to peruse it yet, as July was a busy month for me.]


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