And now for something completely different....

About a month ago, I was in the market for a low budget second laptop and decided to hit up the used market, as I'm currently pretty cash poor. I ended up picking up a Aluminum PowerBook G4 for about $150 on ebay - complete with the original box, all of the manuals, OS restore DVDs, and various adapters for video out and such. As I've seen similar units with just the laptop (and not any of the other materials) selling for $200-ish, I figured that I scored a pretty good deal with a few caveats. Notably, I knew going in that this older laptop (1GHz processor and 1GHz of RAM) wasn't going to stream video very well and being an Apple product, it wasn't going to let me view very much Flash-based content. Which brings me to why I'm writing this post.

What I initially thought of as limitations ended up only being barriers to bad Internet habits and, as a result, I've been more productive with my Internet usage this month. First off, I'm not able to sink huge amounts of time into Facebook games (because most of them are Flash-based and not supported by Leopard). I'm still able to use Facebook, though - for communicating with others; its original intended purpose. Likewise, I'm not streaming hours of YouTube video to rot my brain (although this little G4 does handle YouTube better than I thought it would, initially). The result has been that I've been spending less time with distractions like cute cat videos or pointless games and more time posting to forums, emailing folks, and generally just being more productive.

I will probably end up using this laptop as my primary electronic game aid for tabletop gaming (I've loaded up my PDF library and MP3 library) as I intended when I bought, but I may also end up using it as my primary Internet machine - which I in no way intended to do when I bought it. So, I guess the upshot is, if you can snag one of these older PowerBooks for a decent price, you might want to consider doing so. I ended up getting a lot of value for my money.


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