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Review-ish things are forthcoming!

I've been holding off on review-ish-ing anything until my copy of Stealing Cthulhu arrived, because I wanted to group everything somewhat close together for the sake of organization. Well, said copy of Stealing Cthulhu arrived today and I have nothing but free time for the rest of the week to read RPG-related products, so look for the first batch of review-ish things to appear this coming weekend.

Edit: I should really learn not set deadlines for myself. Apologies for that. Review-ish things coming.... when they come. Hopefully not too long!


My copies of Kabuki Kaiser's Ruins of the Undercity, Blacky the Blackball's Darker Dungeons, and Gavin Norman's Theories & Thaumaturgy have arrived today.

Initial impressions of each are good. And I may be crazy, but it seems that Lulu's print quality has been ratcheted up a few notches since the last time I ordered books from them (or maybe it's just that these publishers took more care when laying out their products). Either way, I'm happy with my purchases.

I'll devote a blog post to more detailed analysis of each product, once I have a chance to devour them.