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It Lives!

As happens all too often, life intruded upon gaming for the better part of 2014 (although I did get to play some Call of Cthulhu and Iron Kingdoms for a short while last summer). Now I'm back!

With most of my real life worries taken care of, I've been fortunate enough to rejoin the world of gaming. At the current time, I'm playing in weekly campaigns of D&D 5e and Iron Kingdoms, framing a Basic Fantasy RPG campaign, and working on developing two (as yet unnamed) settings - one for Swords & Wizardry White Box and one for BFRPG. I suspect that, in the weeks to come, I'll be posting a bit about all of these things. Thanks for sticking with me!

Oh, and while I'm not playing Warlock at the moment, I do still own three large 3-ring binders dedicated to it. Someday I'll run it again and, when I do, I'll certainly be posting about it here.