Charlie Mason's White Box: A Quick Look

Charlie Mason's White Box RPG borrows from many different sources, Including the original edition of Dungeons & Dragons (the one in the little wood grain box printed in 1974), various versions of Swords & Wizardry by Matt Finch, Delving Deeper by Simon Bull, The Hero's Journey by James Spahn, Bloody Basic (Blood & Sinew Edtion) by John Stater, and Douglas Maxwell's SnW Whitebox Essential Adventuring rules. That is to say, it draws from many well-respected sources.

Having called out all of the sources that White Box draws upon, I think it takes the best parts of those many sources, improves upon them and, ultimately, provides a superior experience. It will, at least for the time being, be my old school simulacra of choice going forward. The rules are simple yet robust, the presentation is straightforward, the PDF is easily accessible (it's free; see the RPGNow link accompanying this post), and the books are available for a reasonable price (also from RPGNow). All of these things make it a winner.

So, why should you check out White Box? Well, for starters, as mentioned above, the basic PDF is free (so you're not out anything if you decide that it sucks). If you're curious about old school RPGs, this is an excellent chance to satisfy that curiosity. Further, if you're a fan of any of the RPGs mentioned above as sources for White Box but always felt that they could do better, perhaps elements that you were critical of in those games have been implemented in a manner more to your liking in White Box. Check it out yourself, at the following link: 


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