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Wired Neon Cities - Minimalist Cyberpunk Roleplaying

I've just downloaded Wired Neon Cities, a Pay What You Want offering from Trollish Delver Games over at RPGNow and am very impressed.

Wired Neon Cities packs a lot of game play potential into three pages (the PDF is six pages long but one of those pages is the cover, one of those pages is the character sheet, and one of those pages is blank). It includes complete character generation rules, basic and advanced combat rules, simple rules for hacking, a catalog of cyber-ware augmentations, a brief list of NPCs, and even character advancement rules.

Character generation is built around assigning numbers to attributes and choosing a classic cyberpunk archetype (e.g., Hacker) to represent your character, while combat and other action is resolved by rolling tests against those attributes on 1d6 (aiming to score equal to or greater than the attribute rating). Said tests can, of course, be modified (by either difficulty or cyber-ware augmentation).

Character advancement is similarly simple…

Delta Green's Need to Know

Over the weekend I was gifted with extra monies. I used them to pick up a few goodies, some of which were old school RPGs, but those aren't the ones I want to blog about right now. Right now I want to blog about the new-ish Delta Green quick start booklet, Need to Know. Because holy shit this thing is awesome! 

I'm a fan of Delta Green from way back, having first discovered it in the mid 90s. It was, in fact, my gateway into Call of Cthulhu. Now, roughly 20 years later, Delta Green has returned in a big way - as a standalone RPG (though still with its roots in CoC). And Need to Know is a phenomenal introduction.

Need to Know lays out all of the necessary rules for character creation, combat, sanity, and an introductory adventure that is pretty open-ended in terms of using it to kick off an ongoing campaign. Additionally, it includes a number of pre-generated characters that you can use to run that adventure with very little setup (perfect for use at conventions).

The included …