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Diceless Dungeons - Fun, intuitive, diceless dunegon-delving from Olde House Rules

I picked up a copy of Diceless Dungeons a while back and just recently got around to reading it. It's pretty clever. In terms of genre, Diceless Dungeons occupies a middle ground somewhere between D&D-ish high fantasy and historical fantasy in terms of the genre tropes it caters to (e.g., the majority of magic tends to be of a less powerful sort with roots in Earth's history, although three types of "high sorcery" do exist). It's definitely not straight-up kitchen sink fantasy as is so common in our hobby, but it's also not humdrum historical roleplay devoid of magic. And, hey, dungeons!

Creating a character in Diceless Dungeons is a simple matter of picking three talents from a list that help define what your character is good at. Is your character a Linguist? Are they Mighty? How about Nocturnal? All of the talents that you can pick from grant your character some kind of advantage in actual play. After you have chosen your talents, you just need to jot …